Trang Trang Hotel Restaurant

A perfect combination of oriental and Western cuisine, Trang Trang Hotel is sure to satisfy the needs of the guests. What better way to dine with the beauty of the streets, in a romantic setting with fresh air. With a wide variety of menus, especially seafood dishes are delicious, nutritious, will definitely help the Senate to regain the spirit after days of life. Moreover, with modern design, a little bit of classical, Trang Trang Hotel brings a cozy feeling, close to the main at his house.

Besides, the unique and creative cooking method is the highlight of the special attraction in each dish. With simple ingredients, easy to find through the skillful hands of the craftsmen have created a unique flavor for the restaurant, ensuring guests will have an unforgettable experience here.

Come to us for a relaxing moment and enjoy the true value of the cool ocean breeze and enjoy a glass of wine at your family meal.