Good food to try when coming to Hanoi

Hanoi is not only a beautiful landscapes, but from ancient capital Thang Long was famous for its rich cuisine, unique attractions attract many visitors to enjoy.

Pho Ha Noi: Hot noodle soup, sliced ​​bean curd with delicious, rich flavor to bring people more emotional when coming to Hanoi. Bread thin, tough, soft, beef cut sliced ​​thin, cooked again cooked a little more lime, lemon chili. Bowl of pho delicious depends on the way of cooking of each pho. Guests can visit the famous pho Hanoi such as sand noodles in Dinh Liet, Pho Ly Dynasty Pho Xuan Nha Chung, Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin ...

Pho Ngu Xa: Speaking of pho roll, the Hanoi people think of Ngu Xa, a small street hidden behind the Truc Bach Lake. Rice noodle thin but not crushed with fried beef, raw vegetables. Sour sauce spicy salty sweet, add a few slices of papaya eat delicious. A disc with ten rolls worth about 50,000.

Besides, the restaurant also has rice noodle soup fried covered with fried beef, vegetables a little more pepper. Piece of crispy bread, vegetables mixed with soft, tender beef. You visit the famous noodle shop in Ngu Xa as Hung Ben, Huong Mai ...

Casting Cake: On Le Ngoc Han Street, there is a 30-year-old custom-made bakery. The restaurant is located in a narrow alley but very crowded to find food. The steak was hot with minced meat, onion, onion, pineapple, some crispy chopped longan, and herbs. Selling casters cost 15,000 VND.

Bun thang: Bun thang is a traditional dish of the old Hanoi. The dish noodle ladder, raw materials are also quite picky with small noodles, chicken, fried eggs, mushrooms. Fresh water, sweet, fragrant from chicken bones or shrimp. This dish costs 50,000 - 60,000 VND.

Trang Tien ice cream: Whether enjoying in winter or summer, you will have to mourn and impress the taste unforgettable. When you eat, you feel the fresh cream sweet, melted right in the mouth and cinnamon bark is fragrant, crispy. A Trang Tien ice cream plant costs 12,000 VND.